Teachers Tell All

Episode 4


Teachers Tell All

Being a teacher takes passion and compassion…but a sense of humor certainly helps. Educators become storytellers and open up about some of their most challenging (and sometimes hilarious) experiences, including stories about chaperones misbehaving, taking career advice from a psychic, chemistry experiments gone wrong, and more.

Guests: Chris Lundy, Marjorie Winther (pictured), George Dougherty, Anissa Weinraub, Jason Pittman, Dr. William Hite, Donald Deeley, Paul Arendt, Emma Hitchcock

Image: Jen Cleary

From Superbowl to Superintendent

It takes a tough teacher to rise to the level of superintendent. Dr. William Hite talks about his early dreams of football stardom, and the mentors, teachers and students who changed his course. In charge of 300 schools, 8,500 teachers and about 200,000 students, he still remembers his earliest school days, and shares them with us.

Teachers! Why Do They Do It?

Taking a cue from memories about the best and the worst teachers they had, these educators talk about the emotional costs and rewards of working with students - and the reasons they continue to do it.