Immigrants: Home of the Brave

Episode 2


Immigrants: Home of the Brave

Dare to dream the American dream? Real stories bring to life the bravery, sacrifice, and hope that has defined every wave of US immigration—including, most likely, those of your ancestors.
Featured guests: Sonia Sanchez, Nimisha Ladva, Grant Hollis, Catzie and Aditi Vilayphonh, Ross Gay, Sreedevi Sripathy, and Rebekah Rickards

Banner image: Neil Santos

Of Thee I Sing

Borders can't contain the creative spirit of our cultures. From blues to punk, Irish ballads to hip hop, and much more, hear how where we come from breathes new life into art through immigrant music and poetry.

Painting the Journey

Visual artist Michelle Angela Ortiz celebrates her family's immigrant roots by lifting up immigrant narratives in vivid murals across Philadelphia.