Gay Pride and Prejudice

Episode 6


Gay Pride and Prejudice

Parades are celebrating LGBTQ rights around the country. More visibility has increased recognition of gay communities as integral parts of American life. But not for everyone; some still view them with contempt – even aggression and outright violence. Our stories explore both worlds.

Guests: Anissa Weinraub, Amber Hikes, Aaron Stella, Christian A’Xavier Lovehall, Kylin Mettler, Bea Cordelia, Mark Davis, Jaden Rogers, Gabby Gibson, Vendetta Washington, Charles Tyson Jr.

Photo: Johanna Austin. Slideshow images courtesy of Jaden Rogers and Gabby Gibson.

Wholeheartedly Trans

Love is hard to find at any time, so what are the chances of a transgender marriage commitment? A trans couple opens up about their journey.

It’s Not Easy Being “B”

Bisexuality is neither a fad nor a statement--it’s an identity. Two bisexual people of color talk about their experiences and the complications brought on by society’s discomfort about anything having to do with gender, sexuality and race.