Episode 9



Take a stand or take a seat? Storytellers confront hate and injustice in the face of family, friends, and even employers.

Guests: Megan Hicks, Donald Deeley, Kitty Hailey, Marjorie Winther, Steve Clark, Denice Frohman, Cathie Berrey Green, Amanda Feifer O’Brien

Photo: Johanna Austin


Is “slacktivism” real political action, or just feel-good futility? Jumping into political activism can be intimidating and time consuming, but utilizing civic-minded technology is a great place to start. One app helps people stay informed and in contact with representatives with just the click of a button.

The Path of Peace Resistance

Cathie Berrey Green has participated in large and small-scale protests since she was 16. In a time of great political anxiety, what can people learn from her? Step one: keep your cool.