Brain Matters

Episode 3


Brain Matters: Reality with a Twist

What do an obsessive hand washer, a biting job applicant, and a kid hiding under his school desk have in common?  Five storytellers get real about their mental health.

Featured guests: Justine Cuny, Geoff Jackson, Steve Clark, Aaron (last name withheld), Dr. Lawrence Real, Craig Terry, Meaghon Reid, Dr. Marquita Williams, Khalida Sethi

Photo: Johanna Austin

How to Help

Motivated by her own mother’s suicide, Meaghon Reid has dedicated her career to mental health training in the workplace. Learn how to spot signs of distress, provide support, reduce stigma, and how we’re all equipped to make a difference.

Women of Color

A doctor and a social worker talk candidly about mental health experiences that are unique to women of color.